Monday, March 2, 2009

1 Year Anniversary Post.

This week is the one year anniversary since my last chemo treatment.(I posted just prior to my last chemo treatment HERE).

(Pic from today I took on my daily walk reminds me of my similar post from around this time last year).

It's been a good year and I'm happy to still be around and kicking. I appreciated all of you kind comments in person or on the web, and thought it was time for a one year update.

The Good
  1. Hey, I made it through a year, that's pretty damn good!
  2. The hair grew back, started as grey and now it's back to normal color. And after many months without ANY hair (if you get my drift) I grew a beard for the first time, too (but it's grey).
  3. Most important of all, saw Obama elected President, and contributed money for first time in my life to a presidential candidate. Still LOVE this video from the Inaugural balls.
  4. Hosted my nephew and his wife for a summer weekend trip to Oregon. Went out to Jake's for dinner and then out to Manzanita on Saturday and Sunday. Weather cooperated and we had a very good time, including hike up Neah-Kah-Nie Mountain.(For me this was like conquering Moby Dick; I had discovered my lymphoma while in Manzanita after getting winded when climbing Neah-Kah-Nie).
  5. I went back to Michigan and saw my mom's grave for the first time (I avoided for a long, long time) in tiny Green Mich on the shores of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula. Visited my grandma's farm and was amazed that new owner--a guy from Chicago- had completely renovated it, including barn built in early 1900's. Looked better than it ever did when my grandma was alive.
  6. Also, in the "U.P." I saw my sister and nephew who I had not seen in several years. My sister and I both agreed we are getting OLD, differed on who was aging faster.
  7. From the "U.P" I went down to Detroit and spent some time with the guy I joined the Army with and another childhood friend who I grew up with in "the Herman Gardens"; I hadn't seen either of them for 10+ years. Lots of fun to remember when we were young and [even] dumb(er).
  8. Went to new Tiger ballpark, not as good as old, last time I was there was with Dick Brinck of all people during a HUD conference.
  9. Got a chance to visit the Detroit Institute of Arts and saw the Diego Rivera mural I used to love looking at when I was a kid.
  10. For first time in my life got to Portland Maine, where my dad was born. Got out to the Maine Coast and Arcadia Park Lucky to have sunshine most days in late August and was able to scratch this finally off my must do list.
  11. Made a lot of posts on the Housing blog.
  12. Have enjoyed serving on two non profit boards.
The bad
  1. Lost a lot of my 401k/TSP plan by keeping it in stock index fund too long.
  2. Didn't lose weight, and in fact has started to regain what I lost during chemo.Ugggh!
  3. After about decade, docs decided I didn't have gluten intolerance, but something else, but still taking Dapsone for skin condition. Worried about impacts on my immune system, but only realistic option available.
  4. Housing Blog. I think I am doing it to share information I acquired all these years. Sometimes I wonder if I use it as a crutch to stay away from trying new things; but I really do enjoy understanding how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
  5. I should do some repairs around the house, but have managed to avoid. Maybe I can get some recovery money!
The Future
  • I Got's to lose some weight.
  • Only other trip I really am itching to do is Ireland, need to get cracking on some planning.
  • Healthwise, the way I look at it is that every day without bad news is good. When I do get bad news sometime in the future (and I am sure I will) I hope I can look back and see that I used the time wisely to get done what I wanted to do.
Cheers to all!