Sunday, December 9, 2007

Week 5 Update: Simple Pleasures.

The week started with me being in not so great health, with my mood matching the foul weather we experienced to start this week.

At the end of the week if there was such a thing as a "Tommy Dealing with Cancer Index" [TDWCI], the headline now would read "Week ends with TDWCI UP a Solid 100 Points".

The reasons for the uptick in the TDWCI are several simple pleasures. During the week:
  • I had three housing related meetings where I got to see some familiar faces and engage in housing topics that have been of long term interest.
  • I was able to get out and get four solid walks in , the last a 55 minute walk in the bright sunshine of a lazy Saturday afternoon.
  • I completed the milestone of completing my 100th Oregon Housing blog post, publishing a list of those first 100 blogs in a PDF file, complete with web link to each one of the posts, HERE.
  • The most important simple pleasure of the week is that my hair has grown back the tiniest bit-a centimeter at most. It's quite possible that this new growth will fall out again when I start chemo again a week from now. However, whether that happens or not, the joy of being able to now pat my head and feel this tangible indicator that my body is at least trying to recover is a real reminder of the importance of simple pleasures in our daily lives.
If you have a simple pleasure in your daily life, feel free to add a comment and tell others about it in the space provided. If you don't want to share your thoughts in such a public way, that's totally understandable. The real point is that whether done privately or in public , I can guarantee you will get a smile on your face once you take the time to think about what those surprisingly simple pleasures are in your life.

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