Saturday, December 29, 2007

Week 8 Update

Pattern of starting 2nd week in cycle in a funk and ending it in better spirits seems to be holding. On Friday was feeling good enough to have a [gluten free] rib dinner at Chili's and a lot of laughs with my friend Fernando Velez , so turned out to be a very good way to end the week. Earlier in week had a fun late lunch with my stepdaughter Sahar visiting from NY at another restaurant with a gluten free menu. (What is it with us Irish and potatoes? I had a terrific and huge baked potato with broccoli at that lunch).

Got a couple of walks in during weather breaks this week, and hope to add another 5 in next 10 days so that in 21 day cycle I will have at least exercised 1/3rd of the days, however wimpy the workouts might be. Found my health club membership card and may start doing treadmill walks to get around the readily available weather excuse.

Was having some blood pressure issues and a index finger on right had was a bit numb when I started the week, but those have gradually gone away.

One of my blood tests last time was only slightly above borderline in terms of allowing me to proceed on schedule with chemo. Next cycle for me starts on a Tuesday instead of a Monday because of "El dia de los Reyes", and hopefully the extra recovery day will allow me to proceed on schedule with the next infusion. If not they may need to delay for a few days , or they may have special injection to boost the troublesome blood value. Will be glad to get this upcoming fourth cycle underway, will mean that I will be at least halfway through, and perhaps as much as 2/3rds through the planned chemo regime. Springtime cannot come fast enough for me, I only wish my health would allow me to get to spring training again this year, I could use a couple of weeks in the sun at the end of the winter.


Jeanette said...

Hi Tom,

Stay tough. Blogging sounds like a great activity.

Jeanette Harris

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