Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Belated Week 9 Update-60th Birrthday Celebration.

This update is a little late, as I started a new round of chemo yesterday. (separate post on that process upcoming).

I didn't get all of my hoped for walks in this week. I got two and adding in a long day spend cleaning my house I figure I was, in baseball parlance, "3 for 5". That is either a "D" in school or batting .600 in baseball --I like the baseball perspective!

Both my friend Fernando Velez and I were born on "El dia de los Reyes", the Day of Kings, AKA the 12th day of Christmas.

So I was pleased that Fenando and a number of my long time friends were able to join me for a Sunday night birthday celebration at a restaurant in Tualatin (Claim Jumper) that also has a gluten free menu. I have known most of these folks for most , if not all, of the 28 years I have lived in Portland, so it was special for me to celebrate my 60th. birthday with all of them.

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