Monday, December 3, 2007

Week 4 Done.

Good news is that NO repeat of visits to porcelain prayer post this time around, got additional anti nausea drug. Infusion was shorter also, was able to drive myself home after about 4 hours. Have had a generally "sour" stomach and a chemo smell in my nostrils that I can sense but hopefully is not so obvious to others.

Gluten free diet is working well and am thankful for the two markets in my immediate area which have a wide
(but expensive) variety of gluten free food choices.

Although 4 weeks are behind me , it still feels like it is going to be a long slog, with anywhere from 14-20 weeks left of chemo and then recovery period after that.Will get new PET scan after 4th round of chemo (around end of January) and that will provide reality check on how effective chemo has been to date.

For mental health, I need to get out and do some walking , but that is currently hampered by 2+ inches of rain in last 24 hours and need to make sure I don't weaken my immune system in the process. Hopefully if I can get out tomorrow that will pick up my mood a bit and get me through this gloomy weather.

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NRK said...

Let me know if you want company on a walk. I could use it (the walk and the company!).