Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Deed is Done.

I woke up to find that a very slight tug I was pulling out twenty plus hairs at a time, so did a preemptive strike this PM to get a buzz cut. Hit the local SuperCuts and I couldn’t have been in chair more than 2 minutes before it was all gone along with my $15. Had a nice conversation during and shortly after the stylist , she told me her dad had served two tours in the ‘Nam and that she had just spent 30 days there last summer bicycling around from Hanoi all the way to Ho Chi Minh City. She couldn’t convince her dad to go with her, I’m sure he regretted afterwards.

Rubbing my hand across top of my buzz cut it feels like I have a pet again, but the bigger impression when touching is, “damn my head is BIG”.

Heeding a warning in advance from a member of the bald brotherhood, I went out and got some head coverings. I look like a DORK with or without any of them but at least they will keep my head warm.

Here's a top view of how the asymmetrical dome looks without it’s previously almost full head of hair.

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