Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Favorite Cancer Joke.

And it s has been my favorite for a long, long time…

Guy wakes up and is not feeling well. Gets in to see the doctor who after several tests comes back and tells the guy. “I have some really bad news”. Proceeds to tell the guy. “Look, these new tests are 100% accurate. We discovered that you have the rarest and most aggressive form of cancer that we know. Tomorrow morning you will be dead”. I would put your affairs in order and enjoy your last day on earth"..

Guy, understandably, is distraught. Weeps, bemoans his fate, and begins to think about how he is going to tell his wife, who he loves dearly.

Guy finally composes himself and goes home to tell his wife. Sits down with her and proceeds to tell her what doctor has told him. She is beside herself also , loses control and breaks down sobbing.

Guy composes himself once again , holds his wife lovingly and says:

“Honey this is terrible news, but I have been thinking about how we should spend my last hours on this earth and we are losing time here. Remember that expensive restaurant we always wanted to go to, with that extensive wine list? Screw the money, lets go. We will have the best meal of our lives and get that French wine that we always wanted but thought was way too expensive. Then when were done, lets come back home and make wild passionate love ALL night long? How does that sound to you?”

The wife responds, clearing her throat and saying to the husband,:

“Humph! That’s easy for you to say, YOU don’t have to get up in the morning”.

PS -IF YOU GOT BETTER CANCER JOKE, ADD IT IN THE COMMENT SECTION and don't let concerns about "in good taste" get in the way of a really good joke.

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